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Stage Four 2 On Stage: The Podcast with Dylan Slattery

Oct 10, 2018

Not everyone's life is in "stage four," in fact the majority of the people that today's guest works with are some of the top performers in their respective industry, but we all have areas where we strive to be more.

Jordan Montgomery, owner of Montgomery Companies, is a highly regarded performance coach and keynote speaker whose clients include business executives, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs.

In episode seven, Jordan absolutely blew me away with his keys to crafting a long term vision and how to leverage that vision against our own tendency to take the path of least resistance.

We uncover the power of asking good questions.  Not only to others, but of ourselves as well as the importance of owning your story and the other characters in it.  In fact, the key to success as Jordan will shed light on is to make your story about helping and impacting as many others as possible.

With humility, focus, and doing what brings you energy, you will remove the limits that have been placed on you over time and unleash YOUR GIFT to the the world!

Check out his event that will feature Ben Newman In Iowa City, Iowa on December 6th! HERE!!!


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On Facebook:  @montgomerycompanies

Instagram: @jordanmmontgomery


Check out what Jordan is reading!

The Go-Giver By Bob Burg and John David Mann

The Dream Manager By Matthew Kelly

The New American Bible

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson

Love is the Killer App By Tim Sanders

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