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Stage Four 2 On Stage: The Podcast with Dylan Slattery

Sep 18, 2018

Imagine being 11 years old when your entire world is turned upside down.  One million people dead in three months. People all around you are being killed and you have to protect yourself,  your friends, and your family while living in a war zone during the Rwandan War and Genocide. One third of your family is wiped out by rebels who invaded the country.

This is the story of Juste Mukiza.


In this episode you will discover:


The Power of Prayer and the role it played in helping him keep the faith and stay strong, eventually leading him and his family the Hotel Rwanda that was featured in the Hollywood Film.


What life was like in the hotel and how he was able to escape the city and flee to Congo and then eventually Kenya.

How his family was finally able to make it to the United States.

You will see how people cope with adverse situations.  The negative impact of alcohol when you are more susceptible to depressive thoughts.

Together, we unlock:

  • The power of working on yourself.
  • The healing aspect of writing and self-reflection.
  • The benefit of fitness and nutrition on mental health
  • Living in alignment is key to avoiding depression.
  • Creating a vision to manifest your future.


"You don’t get over a pain, you learn how to walk with it and it gets lighter and lighter.  You get stronger to be able to carry it."


Thoughts for the week:

1. Which of the three areas Juste talked about do you need the most work?  Prayer, fitness or nutrition? I can attest that much like Juste, when I falter in any of these three areas, my life seems like a struggle.

2. What ACTION or habit, can you start creating in your life TODAY to make sure you don’t get off track?

3. The power of working on oneself is crucial.  Do you meditate and self reflect? Create a vision and manifest your future.

~~~ "Be healthy, dance to life, eat good food" ~~~

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Big thanks go out to Michael McClean for the Music used in the podcast and Joshua Goerdt for designing my logo!