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Stage Four 2 On Stage: The Podcast with Dylan Slattery

Nov 16, 2018

Part 2.  With Rocio Perez

As if Rocio had not been through enough already, going from hopeless, homeless and left for dead, she found away to not only survive through her first 25 years of life, but got to a place where she was thriving.

As she will describe, she was on top of the world.  She had the car, the house, the career.  All of the THINGS she could have ever dreamed of.  But she hadn't learned to truly live.

The "gift" she received for her 34th birthday would teach her just that.

Discover what that gift was and how it forced her to create an urgency in her life that she had never experienced before and how you can channel that same urgency into your own life.

Rocio also shares how she had her own "The Alchemist" moment, which happens to be her favorite book, and continued to learn that what she needed could not be found outside of her.  But only from within.

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