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Stage Four 2 On Stage: The Podcast with Dylan Slattery

Feb 26, 2019

By eight years old, Ben Newman had learned some of life’s greatest lessons.  Among them, that our circumstances in life are much less significant than our responses to them, what it looks like to be strong and courageous in the face of adversity, and ultimately what it means to leave a LEGACY.


Ben has carried on his mother’s legacy to have massive success in the financial services industry before honoring her again with the company he created called Continued Fight.  Through it, he inspires some of the top business professionals and athletes in the world. Instilling in them the same mindset, habit, and discipline that his mother modeled for him before she passed 11 days before Ben’s eighth birthday.


Ben works with Alabama Football, North Dakota State, Miami Dolphins, and was most recently featured in the video that went viral of him speaking to the Kansas State Football team inspiring them to POUND THE STONE.  In this episode, Ben will challenge YOU:


  1. To be more courageous on a daily basis
  2. By giving YOU practical advice to help you strip away the fears, doubts, and uncertainties that are holding you back as well as
  3. By helping you identify and connect with your purpose more frequently.  


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